I know an older lady who lives in a little bungalow in the hills. Her name is Amparo. One day, fate struck and Amparo's favorite brother died. I forgot how, he either got shot, or cancer, or something stupid but anyway: he died too young. Amparo was overwhelmed by grieve. For weeks after the funeral she couldn't get herself to do anything, she just didn't want to leave the house. Then, finally, she forced herself to run a little errand. She put on some clothes and somehow made her way down the street. At the corner of Sunrise Avenue there is a little hairdresser's shop. She was about to pass it when suddenly, a strong vision struck her. As if risen from the grave, her brother appeared to her, looking alive and healthy just in the way she remembered him. And he spoke: "Dear Amparo, look at yourself. You can't go on mourning over me forever! How can you neglect yourself like that: look at your hair, your face... It's time to get yourself together again. Why don't you get a nice haircut?" Then the vision disappeared. As in a trance, Amparo stepped into the hairdresser's shop. A young woman welcomed her and directed her towards a chair, while Amparo said: "I really didn't plan on coming here, but just I was passing by this shop-window my dead brother appeared to me and told me to get my ass in here". The hairdresser said: "You did the right thing to walk in. Let's take care of you and give you a hairdo so pretty that your brother will be proud of you." And thus happened. Amparo got an absolutely perfect haircut, totally suiting her face. It was raining compliments in the weeks that followed. But she could never find that hairdresser again.

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