From time to time, José Van Sesos receives a phone call from a political campaign guy who represents an independent candidate for the upcoming elections...

Since the country is rapidly moving towards the abyss, this candidate has an easy time tackling a lot of disturbing issues, and using the increasing sounds of opposition expressed by the progressive part of the population to win support. It remains unclear how the campaign guy, whose name is Frank, ever got Van Sesos' phone number and also why he keeps calling, since our hero has made it perfectly clear more than once that he's not planning to donate a penny for this campaign.

But after a while Van Sesos is beginning to enjoy these conversations. They irritate and at the same time entertain him. He will neutralize or even ridicule the one-liner statements Frank opens up with, just to get more facts and fiction thrown back at him. At times they quarrel like old buddies. Yet they basically agree on almost everything, except on the idea that the candidate will be the key to eliminating all evil.

When Frank suddenly stopped calling in a time of some political turmoil, Van Sesos almost wished he had his phone number because he felt like talking about it. "Where have you been?" he shouted at him when Frank finally came through again.